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Illustration of Common Data Environment with multiple users, file types, analytics, and insights all in one place. Stories like these and more on the new A360 blog,

Announcing A New Blog

Last year, we announced the evolution of A360 into BIM 360 Team, an industry-specific product to better support BIM-based workflows for you and your design teams. Today, we’re excited to launch a fresh platform to bring you stories on design collaboration and cloud worksharing, once again through the lens of project innovation and delivery. Meet […]

Cloud Rendering

50 million cloud renderings and counting! Watch our 2016 Customer Reel

We are announcing a big milestone today – we have reached 50 million renderings! Autodesk Cloud rendering community has been growing immensely and we are constantly amazed by the work produced by all of you. Our mission is to make rendering easily accessible and usable by every architect, designer, engineer, builder and maker. This milestone […]

A360 Release: Centralized Accounts and More

A360 Release: Better Design Collaboration with Expanded User Permissions

Design collaboration with A360 just got even better with our latest product update delivering one of our most highly requested features: expanded view-only permissions, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements that will improve the overall stability of the product. Introducing: Expanded View-Only Permissions Previously, there were only two roles supported within an A360 project: Editor – can view, […]

Compare Design Changes & Versions

A360 Release: Compare Changes between Design Versions and Do More with Your Files

This week’s A360 release centers on improving designers’ understanding of design changes. It also provides more file operations within the product.  Some of the features of the improved experience are: 1. Version Compare- Understanding design changes in 2D and 3D Understanding changes between two versions of a design is a challenge, especially for large, complex 3D […]

A360 Team Becomes BIM 360 Team and Fusion Team

Important news regarding A360 Team

You’ve been a stellar user of A360 Team over the past year. That’s why we want to be straight with you about some upcoming changes to the product. We have been listening. While many of you want us to evolve the product to better suit the needs of product design and manufacturing, others want us […]


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Pros and Cons

What is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)? Integrated Project Delivery, or IPD, is a project delivery method that is distinguished by early collaboration between cross-functional teams, including design, engineering, and construction. By collaboratively harnessing the talents and insights of all participants, the project is optimized to increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through […]

A360 Release: Centralized Accounts and More

A360 Release: centralized accounts and more

We’ve bundled some of the most requested new features into this jam-packed update: Centralized account management Ability to move folders containing Fusion distributed designs across projects Members dialog displays roles (editor, project admin) Support for OBJ format Centralized account management Instead of managing a separate profile in A360, users will be directed to their Autodesk […]

Design Graph Machine Learning for Manufacturing

Introducing Design Graph: How machine learning will transform 3D engineering

Jet engines, lifelike movie monsters, cancer-fighting nanorobots and bespoke products. We live in a world where the objects all around us are designed by someone, and at the same time we are experiencing the biggest change in how we make things since the industrial revolution. But this change isn’t just about new technology; designers and […]