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10 Million Cloud Renders and Counting!

Are you rendering in the cloud with Autodesk 360 yet? LGA Architectural partners completed Autodesk’s 10 millionth cloud render, and we’re willing to bet that their story may inspire you to try cloud rendering out for yourself.

LGA Architectural Partners is a Toronto-based firm that services a broad base of educational, institutional, and residential clients. The team had been using Revit to create photorealistic renderings of its architectural designs, but in 2013, they decided to try something new and moved their workflow to the cloud.

“Before we discovered Autodesk 360 rendering service, we spent long evenings using our office’s desktop computers to produce the renderings for our presentations,” notes Clara Shipman, Project Architect and BIM Leader at LGA. “Sometimes it would take all night for a rendering to complete, only to discover in the morning that a minor mistake ruined the final image. It was a painstaking process.”

About a year ago, a fellow architect at the firm pointed out the ‘Render to the Cloud’ button in Revit and as soon as they tried it, they were hooked!

“… The cloud rendering capabilities are fast and easy to use,” Clara says. “We’ve more than doubled the amount of renderings we produce on a project. It allows a mid-sized firm like ours to perform like a much larger practice.”

Just how did they take their rendering time from hours to minutes?  Read the full story here.

A360 cloud rendering

Also, don’t forget to check out the new cloud rendering gallery. The gallery has been a huge success with users, and posts to the public gallery are growing rapidly!

A360 cloud rendering

Alison Geering-Kline

Alison Geering-Kline is a Marketing Manager for A360. Outside the office, Alison loves traveling, working on design projects, and seeing live music.

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