Top 5 A360 Features

5 Game-changing features you won’t be able to live without

We rounded up five favorite features of A360 super users and the top five are too good not to share.

While A360 enables you to view, share, review, and find all your project data in one place, it also gives you the ability to review 2D and 3D files live with collaborators across the globe. The A360 platform even enables first person walkthrough of your 3D files. After you’ve set up your hub, projects, folders, and files, go explore everything else A360 has to offer. Consider this post a guide to getting the absolute most out of your subscription.

Game-changing features:

  • Live Review
  • Commenting and Markup
  • Share Files
  • Search
  • First Person Walkthrough

Live review

A360 enables users to review and manipulate files interactively in real time, all within a web browser. Eliminate confusion by showing your project team an exact view of a specific component. Discuss as you go via live chat while you markup and comment on the model.

Live Review

To use live review, click on the share button, and you will see ‘live review’ in the dropdown menu.

A360 Feature Live Review


From here, your live review session will be started automatically, and you will be provided a link you can share with members of your team to join the session. No downloading new software or installing plugins; just send a link and you’re ready to live review. You can use live review in place of clunky meeting software to impress clients and coworkers alike. Virtual co-location is a click away.

Commenting and Markup

Traditional commenting functionality enables the user to comment on a file, but what happens if a new version is uploaded or you want to make a comment on a specific point? Using traditional file sharing or collaboration tools, you can’t.

A360 allows users to make comments that are directly tied to a point on a drawing or model, and comments are tethered to the version of the file you originally commented on, so when a new version is uploaded, you won’t have comments pertaining to the old version cluttering your view.

You can also draw and markup directly on the file with circle, rectangle, pen, and text so collaborators know exactly what you’re referring to. Markups are also tied to the version, so you can maintain a historical view of your files comments and markups without changing the way you work.

A360 Features Markup

Share Files

One of the most useful tools within A360 is the ability to share 2D and 3D files with anyone, simply by sending a link. You can upload any file to A360 and create a link to instantly share your 3D models or 2D drawings by email, chat, or by embedding directly into a site.

A360 enables you to share designs easily in your web browser from virtually any device.


A360 Features Live Review

By clicking the share button you are able to share your file by copying and sending a link or send an email with an optional personalized note from within A360.

A360 Features Share Files


You can control access to the file by setting permissions for downloads and password protecting the file to ensure security. When the recipient gets the share link via email, or your delivery method of choice, he/she can open the file, view it in a web browser, and download it if permitted. No A360 account is required for your recipient to view your file immediately.


You can check folders and sort to find what you need, or you could simply search for it. Click on the magnifying glass icon and search for a file name, component, or anything else that has a name or file type.

A360 Features Search

Top results will show up without even having to submit your search:

A360 Features Search Results

When you’re looking for something more specific, like a component in a model, you can search within files, too:

A360 Features Search


No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a way to find what you need.

First Person Walkthrough

When you walk up to a building, you don’t try to rotate it, walk around it, or flip it upside down to understand it; you open the door and go inside. A360 enables users to walk into 3D models and explore them from a first person perspective, changing the nature of how users interact with their models, and how clients and non-technical users are able to experience a model.

With A360, you now have the ability to offer your clients a 3D, interactive view of your design projects where before they may have only had access to 2D sheets or static images.

If you haven’t used one or all of these features, go try them out and let us know what you think. If you have any questions about live review, commenting, and markup, sharing files, searching, or first person walkthrough, join us in the forums to connect with A360 experts.

Alison Geering-Kline

Alison Geering-Kline is a Marketing Manager for A360. Outside the office, Alison loves traveling, working on design projects, and seeing live music.

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  1. Naganand
    Naganand says:

    Hi , I’m working as product design engineer at Aleipi Labs. For me, Working means dealing with the design of all kinds and with A360 i was able to share and view all my project files very easily and also live share is one of the best feature which i really liked. Thanks to A360 team , hope you will coming with all new features in near future.


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