Exploding the model

5 Ways “exploding the model” will take your designs to the next level

View in extreme detail

View your model in extreme detail, from the largest shell to the smallest screw, see everything up close. Even better than taking apart a physical object, exploding the model enables a granular view of how each component works together to create the whole. Radiating from a central point in the model, each component is propelled outwards so you can see exactly how everything fits together while viewing each piece individually.

Zoom in and out to get a more precise view of the exploded model.

Explode the model feature

Insight into component relationships

Gain insight into how each component fits within the larger model context. Curious about a particular piece? Zoom in to see what parts are adjacent and how they fit together. Adjust the degree of explosion to see parts interlock and separate in real time.

Explode the model feature

Multiple views in one file

In a traditional model sharing experience, you would have to create multiple files for each view you wanted to share. You might send them over email or a file sharing network, but you would still have to create a 2D version of each view. A360 enables you to share the model and each user can explode the model to meet their needs.

It’s interactive—static exploded views are over

Yes, you can explode the model, see component relationships, enjoy extreme detail, but you can also interact with the model. Zoom in and out, comment, mark it up, and view it from different angles with manual navigation or utilizing the viewcube feature.

Specify degree of explosion

Not all explosions are built the same—choose the degree to which you want to explode the model by using the explode the model slider.

Exploding the model


If you have any questions about the explode the model feature, please join us in the forums.

Elizabeth Katzki

Elizabeth Katzki is a Marketing Specialist for A360.

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4 replies
  1. Thom Randolph
    Thom Randolph says:

    Sure would be nice if there were (optional) extension/assembly lines showing how the parts go together.

  2. Aeric
    Aeric says:

    Would there be options where I can limit the degree of detail showing in the models? For example, if I want to display an assembly and show how the major components fit together, but I don’t want to show all the little parts that make up the components, would that be possible?


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