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50 million cloud renderings and counting! Watch our 2016 Customer Reel

We are announcing a big milestone today – we have reached 50 million renderings!

Autodesk Cloud rendering community has been growing immensely and we are constantly amazed by the work produced by all of you. Our mission is to make rendering easily accessible and usable by every architect, designer, engineer, builder and maker. This milestone brings us closer to that mission.

To celebrate this milestone, we want to share with you the Rendering customer show reel for 2016. Thanks to everyone who contributed tothis! We will be showcasing this reel at Autodesk University 2016 in Las Vegas next week. If you plan on being there, do connect with us. We will be at the VR booth in Building Design and Construction area of the Exhibit Hall. 
<embed video>

Many of our users continue to share their images and panoramas on the Rendering Gallery. Take the time to check it out. If you haven’t already, join the community and share your own work there too.

As always, we love hearing from you on our Rendering forum. Tell us what you love and what you would like to see added to the roadmap.

Aradhana Vaidya

Aradhana is a Customer Success Engineer for Cloud Rendering at Autodesk

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  1. Mel
    Mel says:

    I remember being in High School in the 90s and seeing this 3D program called Autocad being used in shop class. I never would have imagined that the Autodesk would have expanded its offerings into interior design, but I’m glad they have because it’s been a great benefit to the interior design community as it gives us flexibility to try out different things at a speed that’s unprecedented. Cloud computing is only going to make this even more accessible in the years to come since anyone will be able to access resources like this on-demand without needing to directly purchase the hardware and software infrastructure.


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