A360 Design Metadata

A360 Feature: Design Metadata

Design projects are complicated; keeping track of them doesn’t have to be. It’s not your job to know where every component has been used or to memorize references and data structures for complex assemblies. A360 takes care of the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Design metadata in A360 enables you to learn more about the individual pieces of your project; you can dig deeper to learn where and how different components are being used. See design and drawing references through the Item Overview, facilitating distributed design. File metadata in A360 enables you to view relationships between design files, components, external references, and complex assemblies.

Using Relational Metadata in the Item Overview

Within the Item Overview menu, you can see a snapshot of your design and its related data. You can leverage this to identify component relationships, drawings, saved views, and associated renderings. A model’s related sheets and saved views are also organized here for quick reference.

This item view enables you to see the interrelationships between design files and components, and related data for multiple file formats.

Watch to learn more about how to use design metadata in A360:

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Elizabeth Katzki

Elizabeth Katzki is a Marketing Specialist for A360.

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