Organize Data

A360 Feature: Organize Data

Design projects can be complicated. With multiple files, many versions of drawings and models, and comments and markups that are difficult to keep track of, organization can be a challenge for many projects. For design projects that require organization of both 2D and 3D file types, keeping track of comments on specific views or points on a model or drawing can be a task in itself.

A360 enables you to focus on your project instead of keeping track of files, versions, and comments. Track and save a complete history of your design and keep a record of the entire design process without making any changes in the way you work. Navigate through file versions and leave comments at any version level that are only visible in that version. Comment on specific points or views of your model. Everyone on your team can follow the project’s progression through version control, precise commenting, and detailed file organization.

Watch to learn more about how to organize data in A360:

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Elizabeth Katzki

Elizabeth Katzki is a Marketing Specialist for A360.

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