Sharing a 2D or 3D file is now as simple as clicking a button. Really.

A360 Feature: Share Files Easily

File sharing is a challenge that most companies face. Emailing large design files can clog up IT infrastructure, sharing from network drives is limited to internal use only, and transferring of files remotely can lead to version control issues with designers working off of multiple versions of the same file. Architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries face the unique task of managing the many files created in complex drawing and modeling software. A360 accomplishes simple one-click file sharing and eliminates  the need for all members of a team to have proprietary software for viewing. Sharing a 2D or 3D file is now as simple as clicking a button. Really.

Upload any file to A360 and create a link to instantly share your 3D models or 2D drawings by email, chat or by embedding directly into a site. A360 enables you to share designs easily in your web browser from virtually any device.

Share Files Easily

By clicking the share button you are able to share your file by copying and sending a link or send a direct email with an optional personalized note.

Share Files Easily

You can control access to the file by setting permissions for downloads and password protecting the file to ensure security. When the recipient gets the share link via email, or your delivery method of choice, he/she can open the file, view it in a web browser, and download it if permitted.

You can also embed the file by choosing the embed option and copying the embed code. Here’s what an embedded file looks like:

Watch to learn how to share 2D and 3D files easily with A360:

Have questions about sharing files with A360? Join us in the forums.

Alison Geering-Kline

Alison Geering-Kline is a Marketing Manager for A360. Outside the office, Alison loves traveling, working on design projects, and seeing live music.

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4 replies
  1. Luis Lema
    Luis Lema says:

    Is there anyway I can share a file from my drive much like I could in GoogleDrive so that my boss can open it whenever he wants from his drive and see the latest version as I save, or do I have to create a link each time I want him to see it?

    • Elizabeth Katzki
      Elizabeth Katzki says:

      Thanks for your question. There is no public folder share in A360 Drive, but you can share the folder with your boss and he will see the versions you are uploading. Just mouse over the folder and then click on the share icon. Add in your boss’s email address and select the permissions you want him to have in the folder.

      • Harry
        Harry says:

        Is there no way to add a share to a folder on the A360!drive on the phone? I do not see the share link. I can see where I can copy the link but I don’t see how I can change the access level, also I need to do it for the folder not each individual file. I don’t have access to my laptop.


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