Getting the most out of mobile

A360 in the field: getting the most out of mobile

You can carry your project drawings with you—just make sure they fit in your pocket. Get to know A360 both in your browser and on your mobile devices to get the most value out of your A360 experience.

Customers find the ability to access files remotely while on their mobile devices invaluable, saving time on reviews and markups. Claudia Cozzitorto, at Moriyama & Teshima Architects, says that having a mobile option has encouraged non-Revit users to become more familiar with Revit models by enabling detailed 3D viewing outside of  Revit. She frequently uses the A360 mobile application herself to view and markup models on-the-go. “I use the mobile app before meetings to view the model and drawings en route to work to prepare myself or do markups before a meeting.”

Bates, an engineering and architecture firm, responsible for the Mercy Hospital at Jefferson project, was able to use mobile devices, either Android or iOS, to have access to larger viewpoint through viewing 2D and 3D project files in the field, or on-site. Tony Caputo, at Array Architects likes that he can take A360 anywhere on his iPad and have the freedom to think and be creative anywhere, anytime.

You can be anywhere and have access to your projects. Get started with mobile for collaboration on-the-go:

To learn more about how project teams use A360 mobile, join us in the forums.

Elizabeth Katzki

Elizabeth Katzki is a Marketing Specialist for A360.

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  1. vezard
    vezard says:

    bjr, j’ai vu une démo d’A360 et me suis dit que l’appli me permettrait de montrer mes projets aux clients autrement que sur papier!
    mais je ne trouve aucune info en français sur le produit…un utilisateur français pourrait-il m’en dire plus?
    par ailleurs j’ai cru comprendre que l’appli était payante?


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