A360 ios tips and tricks

A360 for iOS – Tips & Tricks

Whether you’ve just started using A360 for iOS or you are already on board, here are some tips & tricks to help improve your work.

Don’t have an A360 account? Go ahead – sign up for free and create your first A360 project!

Open designs from email attachments, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and other apps

A360 supports over 100 formats including AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, PDF and more.

Want to be able to view all these formats on your mobile device? No problem!

Most of your email, data access and photo apps let you open files in other apps using the common iOS “Open In” dialog. In the “Open In” dialog, click “Open in A360″ (for supported formats). Tap to open the file using A360 and upload it to your project.

Tap to open the file using A360 and upload it to your project

Tap to open the file using A360 and upload it to your project

Snap, Markup and Share!

Need to annotate and share your feedback quickly? No problem!

You can take a snapshot instantly, add quick markups and share via email, save to your device or share with other apps installed on your device. A360 supports various markup tools which include freehand, text, arrows, rectangles and measurement.

Step 1: In the viewer, tap the share icon (on the top-right corner) to take a snapshot.
Step 2: Tap the “Add Markups” button.
Step 3: Choose how you’d like to share your markup – email, save to library or open in other app.


How to Snap, Markup and Share

Also, you can markup photos taken from camera or selected from your photo library when you upload a photo (using the “+” menu).

Offline? No network connection? No problem!

You can make your files available even when you’re offline by opening them when online. Any sheet that is opened when you’re online is automatically available locally for offline viewing. You can view which files are available for offline under the “Offline” menu. To clear all offline files stored on your device, tap “Clear offline data” under “Settings”.


Open your files when offline

Planning to go on site?

Make sure to open required files before you leave the office, to make sure they’ll be available for viewing offline.

iOS 8 Handoff

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite introduced Continuity to pick up your work right where you left off.

Viewing a file using your iOS 8 device?

Once you get back to your desktop (Mac OS X Yosemite and above), note the Handoff icon will appear on the Dock. Tap it to instantly open same file on your browser.


Pick up your design from your iOS to OS X device using Handoff

Note: Make sure your iOS device and Mac support Continuity.

Hope these tips & tricks are helpful for you. Stay tuned as we have some great new features coming soon! Want to learn more? Sign uphere for our free webinar on Wed, February 4th to learn more tips & tricks.

Please let us know what you think about A360, as we’re always happy to hear your thoughts in an effort to make the product better for you!

 Don’t have the A360 for iOS app yet? Download it here.

A360 is also available for Android. Download it here.

Roei Oved

Roei is a Product Manager for the A360 app. Roei a gadget enthusiast, a star soccer player on the Autodesk TLV team, and enjoying traveling to exotic places all over the world.

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