A360 Release: Centralized Accounts and More

A360 Release: centralized accounts and more

We’ve bundled some of the most requested new features into this jam-packed update:

  • Centralized account management
  • Ability to move folders containing Fusion distributed designs across projects
  • Members dialog displays roles (editor, project admin)
  • Support for OBJ format

Centralized account management

Instead of managing a separate profile in A360, users will be directed to their Autodesk accounts management portal (accounts.autodesk.com) to manage profile information. The accounts portal also enables users to change their password and email address, and alter their security settings.

Centralized accounts

Autodesk Accounts Portal

Autodesk Accounts Portal

Ability to move folders containing Fusion distributed designs across projects

Previously an attempt to move a folder from one project to another was blocked if the folder contained Fusion designs with references (distributed designs). We have now relaxed that limitation to allow a folder move operation if all the references for that design are contained within that folder structure (i.e. either in that folder or in one of its sub-folders). This will enable customers to re-organize their data across projects. For example it will allow them to break up one large monolithic project into several smaller projects and then move data into those smaller projects.

Members dialog displays roles (editor, project admin)

We’ve made some changes in the user interface to display a project member’s role. Currently only two project level roles are supported: editor and project admin. All existing project members will assume the editor role and all project administrators will assume the project admin role. Stay tuned for more updates on role-based access.  

Project Roles

Support for OBJ format

There is now support for OBJ as an export format for Fusion designs, including public shares.

What feature do you want to see next?

When you talk, we listen. Let us know what features you want to see in the next release in the Ideastation.

If you have questions, or tips and tricks you want to share, connect with us in the forums.

Rahul Bhandarkar

Rahul Bhandarkar is a Senior Product Manager for the Autodesk A360 product focussed on the A360 Web experience. He has almost 20 years of experience in building and managing software products and teams. With A360, he is passionate about providing a world-class design & collaboration experience that will delight customers. Rahul joined Autodesk in June, 2015 and is based out of the Hyderabad, India office.

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