A360 Release: Centralized Accounts and More

A360 Release: Better Design Collaboration with Expanded User Permissions

Design collaboration with A360 just got even better with our latest product update delivering one of our most highly requested features: expanded view-only permissions, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements that will improve the overall stability of the product.

Introducing: Expanded View-Only Permissions

Previously, there were only two roles supported within an A360 project:

Editor – can view, edit, download, delete, share, comment and markup design files

Project Admin – can do all of the above, plus edit and manage overall project access, approvals, settings, and the access levels of all other project members.

As design teams collaborate, many project admins want to invite a variety of stakeholders into a project including subconsultants, and clients, so they can have access and visibility into the latest project information. However, teams often don’t want to give every one of these stakeholders the ability to modify, download or delete project files.

To resolve this issue, we are introducing a new Viewer role. Any project member who is assigned a Viewer role will only able to view, markup and comment on designs, but cannot share, download, modify or delete files within the project.

Read the full story on the BIM 360 Team blog (which mirrors this update).

Alison Geering-Kline

Alison Geering-Kline is a Marketing Manager for A360. Outside the office, Alison loves traveling, working on design projects, and seeing live music.

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  3. Eve
    Eve says:

    Hi, I wish to know if Autodesk possible to create the permission level such as:
    1. View & Upload file only without giving the permission to download the files.
    2. Access Control for each sub-folder for one project, we would like to have certain people to access certain folder but not every folder are accessible.

    Please advice.


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