Illustration of Common Data Environment with multiple users, file types, analytics, and insights all in one place. Stories like these and more on the new A360 blog,

Announcing A New Blog

Last year, we announced the evolution of A360 into BIM 360 Team, an industry-specific product to better support BIM-based workflows for you and your design teams.

Today, we’re excited to launch a fresh platform to bring you stories on design collaboration and cloud worksharing, once again through the lens of project innovation and delivery.

Meet Convergence, the NEW A360 blog!

The new blog will explore the blurring of lines between disciplines and industries. We’ll share insights and stories on global trends bringing teams together for faster, more efficient project delivery, so you can adopt these strategies to stay competitive.

Ultimately, Convergence wants to connect you to information and processes across the project lifecycle.

Convergence features these triad themes:
Collaboration – Best practices in coordination, worksharing, and data management for your BIM workflows.
Innovation – Mapping how technology influences design and vice-versa, making innovation possible.
Project Delivery – All you need to know about BIM standards, project delivery methods, and other processes.

If you’ve been looking for a central destination to learn about the latest in design collaboration, best practices in optimizing BIM workflows, or how to leverage cloud worksharing tools, Convergence is it. As the new location of the A360 blog, Convergence will still serve you tried-and-tested help and how-to content, along with thought-leadership insight and breakthrough ideas from Autodesk and partner collaborators to help you harness these in your practice.

Join the conversation

Head over to the new blog to join the Convergence community, so we can help you collaborate, innovate, and drive project innovation, efficiency, and profitability.

Don’t forget to bookmark the blog, subscribe to our newsletter and share with your friends and networks on social media! Sharing is Collaboration 101, plus, we’d love to hear from you!

You can also email us your feedback at

Visit Convergence

Esther Dsouza

Esther Dsouza is a Content Marketing Specialist for Project Delivery at Autodesk. She likes hiking, biking, farming, and making things.

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