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A360 Release: Better Design Collaboration with Expanded User Permissions

Design collaboration with A360 just got even better with our latest product update delivering one of our most highly requested features: expanded view-only permissions, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements that will improve the overall stability of the product. Introducing: Expanded View-Only Permissions Previously, there were only two roles supported within an A360 project: Editor – can view, […]

How to Get Version Control Working For You

Version control is integral to an organized project, but it’s not always the easiest task. In fact, if not managed correctly, it can easily turn your project into a nightmare. Many people will handle your project documents many times from its first iteration to its final one. If you’re not proactively managing the progress of the project, it could […]

A360 Amazon Prime Day Deal

This year, Amazon Prime Day falls on July 12th, and Autodesk is offering an unprecedented discount on A360 Team subscription plans. Details Date: Prime Day | July 12th 2016 Discount: We can’t release the details yet— sign up below to get first access Who: Anyone with an Amazon Prime account What: Discounted Autodesk A360 subscription […]

How to share your AutoCAD models

Sharing AutoCAD designs with all those who may need to view them can be tricky—making sure the recipient has AutoCAD, exporting in the correct format, sending large files via email —but, it doesn’t have to be a pain anymore. Share your CAD models directly from the AutoCAD interface; share files in minutes and leverage the […]