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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Pros and Cons

What is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)? Integrated Project Delivery, or IPD, is a project delivery method that is distinguished by early collaboration between cross-functional teams, including design, engineering, and construction. By collaboratively harnessing the talents and insights of all participants, the project is optimized to increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through […]

Fentress and Hennebery Eddy Architects Work as One Team on International Airport

The Portland International Airport (PDX) Terminal Balancing project is being delivered as a collaborative design partnership between Fentress Architects, headquartered in Denver, Colorado and Hennebery Eddy Architects based out of Portland, Oregon. Fentress and Hennebery Eddy worked together as one single design team, enabled by BIM 360 Team (formerly known as A360), to best utilize […]

A360 Wins BEST of SHOW at AIA National Convention

This week, Architosh released its BEST of SHOW awards and runners-up from the AIA National Convention in Philadelphia this year. We’re proud to announce that A360 won the BEST of SHOW award in the mobile category. The awards highlight excellence, innovation, and emergent paths for technologies that support the architectural practice. There were five award […]

3 Ways to build stakeholder engagement

Apathy is the enemy. Getting things done is wholly predicated on stakeholder engagement. Increasing project engagement is a challenge across all industries, particularly verticals that are highly specialized, which make project data difficult to share across multiple teams. However, with a few key tools and better communication, you can build stronger stakeholder engagement, align project […]

Virtually Co-locate With a Web-based Collaboration Tool

The ubiquity of internet-based correspondence has enabled dispersed teams to communicate no matter where they are located, but for architects, designers, and engineers, this is just the first step. Global teams and joint-venture projects are increasingly common, requiring teams that aren’t able to be in the same physical location, to virtually co–locate using collaboration tools built […]

How Collaboration Can Foster Creativity And Innovative Thinking

Countless studies have proven that innovation happens when content expertise is matched with creative, nonlinear thinking. It’s also true that diverse teams are better teams. Across the board they are more efficient, more innovative, and more successful. Diversity is possible with collaboration.  “The fact is that if you want to build teams or organizations capable […]

Idea to Object: Collaboration for Product Design and Manufacturing

Product design and manufacturing are entering a new era of connection, and software is not only keeping up, but leading the way. Design of any kind is a highly collaborative process. Autodesk provides a myriad of product design and manufacturing offerings, from Inventor to Fusion 360, all enabling aspects of product manufacturing, design, testing, simulation, […]