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Joint Venture Partnerships, Benefits, And The Role of Collaboration Software

Amongst collaborative project delivery methods that have taken hold in the construction industry, the Joint Venture partnership is perhaps the most famous one. When projects become large and complex, firms team up to form a new legal entity that shares risk and reward. This enables smaller firms to combine their efforts and amplify their capabilities, allowing them to bid […]

Collaborative Design vs. Concurrent Design

Collaborative and concurrent design are related approaches to building and product design, but have very distinct roles in the process. The most prominent difference between the two methods of design delivery is that collaboration entails working together on a project, while concurrent means working on the same design, at the same time, allowing multiple users […]

Design and build what’s next, now

Tuesday afternoon. Overdue for morning coffee. Meeting in 20 minutes. You’re presenting version 4 of a model for an in-progress project. Slideshow? Check. Talking points? Check. Eyecovers, earplugs, and blankets for nap time? Might as well, because everyone has heard what you’re about to say and this meeting doesn’t need to happen in the first […]