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Markup support comes to A360 Web

We’re excited to announce the official release of the Beta version of the Markup feature! This has been a widely requested feature and is a step towards building a full-fledged suite of design review tools that will help you deliver your projects faster and more efficiently. Below, you can find videos demonstrating how markups works. You will find […]

New on A360: Comments with Snapshot, Point & Object

Comments with Snapshot, Point & Object This has been one of the most requested features from customers since we launched the new A360, so today we released support for comments with snapshots and point and object comments. Users can click on a point/object in their design to add a comment, attach snapshots to comments and […]

Oct 9 Web Release Updates

  It has been two weeks since we invited you to try out the new A360 experience. Thank you for trying it out and providing valuable feedback. Today, we released an update that includes improvements and bug fixes based on all the feedback that we received from you. I would like the Search results to […]

New A360: Where is my stuff?

If you’re reading this post, then you may have already previewed the new A360 experience. We built an even better A360, designed to improve your daily workflow and increase your productivity. There’s no need to panic, you still have full access to all of the content that you created with A360. To make things easier, we […]