Changing your Default Hub in A360

Changing your Default Hub in A360

If you are a member of multiple A360 Team Hubs, you may find that you want to change the default Hub when you sign in. No worries! This is really very simple. To start, just log into A360 and click on Account information.

Login to A360

Login to A360

Depending on how many hubs you belong to, you may see multiple hubs on the dropdown.  Click on “Settings.”.



Click on “Settings”

Once on the Settings page, you can see all the hubs that you belong to.

TIP: You can also see what type of user you are on that hub.

In this example, you can see that I am an Admin on two hubs, and User on one. Right now my default hub is the Gerald Bud hub. To change the default hub, just click on the radial button and select the hub that you want. In this case, I will choose the hub Hangout as my default hub. Just double click the “Hangout” hub and you can see the change. Lastly, click on the “Set As Default” button. This will change the default hub to Hangout.

Set your default hub

Set your default hub


Bonus Tip: Double click on any of the URL links to open that specific hub. 

Sign in and  you will see the new default hub

Sign in and you will see the new default hub

Now when you go to “” and sign in, you will see the new default hub.

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