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Collaborative Design vs. Concurrent Design

Collaborative and concurrent design are related approaches to building and product design, but have very distinct roles in the process.

The most prominent difference between the two methods of design delivery is that collaboration entails working together on a project, while concurrent means working on the same design, at the same time, allowing multiple users to make changes in real-time to the same file or group of files.

Collaborative Design

Collaborative design is a process by which multiple project stakeholders work together toward a common design goal through access to shared files and design information. These collaborative teams often work using an iterative process involving regular communication, feedback loops, and review sessions, and increasingly look to technology to help manage complex projects and files.

Collaboration Software

There are many types of collaboration software and technological advances that have led to increasingly collaborative project design and delivery.

Autodesk offers a number of solutions to enable your team to deliver projects with a collaborative approach. Explore what’s available to see what works best for your team:

Concurrent Design

Concurrent design takes collaborative design a step further with the addition of advanced data management and concurrent authoring. Using a concurrent design process, two or more authors can add to, edit, and interact with the same file, in real-time, removing lag time associated with a traditional iterative design process and leading to increased efficiency in project delivery.

Concurrent Design Software

Collaboration for Revit enables concurrent design authoring, bringing an end to checking files in and out. Learn more about concurrent coworking on Revit models.

Try A360 Team for free to learn firsthand how collaborative design can enhance your workflows.

Have questions about the difference between collaborative and concurrent design? Ask us in the comments!

Elizabeth Katzki

Elizabeth Katzki is a Marketing Specialist for A360.

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