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Commenting on the Latest Release for A360

On Wednesday, February 11th, the A360 team released an exciting new update. We now have a new commenting experience, improved search and Desktop Editing support. So much cool stuff! We also made lots of improvements and bug fixing. Check out the summary below for a summary of the latest enhancements.

New Commenting Features

You now have the ability not only to comment on a design – but we have added commenting on a point or on a specific item within the design.  This allows for seamless interaction between our A360 Mobile app and the Web app.  Now, if someone comments on a design in the field, you can access and comment in the web app too.

New commenting features

New commenting features

The new icons for commenting on an object  objectand a specific point of a design view   design vieware located conveniently above the comments field. Versions, viewables, and comments have all been moved to their own respective pivot tabs. With the new Commenting feature, you can add comments to any object or any design view state (exploded state, hidden objects). Anyone in the project who clicks on the number will see exactly what the person commented on and what they were seeing. This is all reflected in the view or the design and captured in the comments pivot tabs.

Streamlined Search Experience

Search has a newly re-designed type-ahead capability, providing suggestions organized by category for faster search experience.

Faster search experience

Faster search experience

You can see search results with your search terms highlighted so that you can zero in on what you are looking for quickly. We also have improved the filtering experience so you can quickly narrow down results.

Improved filters

Improved filters

You can see more information about search results by clicking “Show details” link located inside each results entry. When clicked, a preview with item details displayed next to results set in the same page.

Edit in A360 Desktop

For Windows users, the new A360 desktop editing capability provides a single click capability to open, edit and save files directly in your favorite MS Office applications including Word, Powerpoint and Excel. No download, upload or link copying needed.

Note: first time users will need to install A360 desktop – this is a one time install.

Edit in A360 desktop

Edit in A360 desktop

For Mac users, “Edit on Desktop” is still using WebDAV – but watch this space, we will be releasing Edit on Desktop support for Mac users soon.

Additional A360 Product Improvements

In addition to the features above, we have some great improvements that we want to mention that are now available in this new update.

  • Video Player updates
    • The video player will now display the maximum size of the video depending on the viewport in the Item dialog.
  • Sharing in A360
    • Now when you create a link in A360 to other locations in A360, the links thumbnail, title, and description will be displayed
Enhanced sharing capabilities

Enhanced sharing capabilities

For Public Sharing in A360, we have made Download enabled by default when sharing a file.

Public sharing link

Public sharing link

  • Deactivation of Default Hub in A360
    • When your default hub is deactivated, the new default hub will automatically default to the next hub you are a member of.
  • General Issues
    • The permalink page now appears for all items. There was an issue where for certain items only the item details were available
    • Upload, Invite, Drag and Drop are now disabled in deactivated projects,

We hope you like the new features and please let us know what you think!

Lisa Darrah, A360 Sr Program Manager
Twitter – @LisaDarrah360

Lisa Darrah

Lisa Darrah is a senior program manager for Autodesk 360 cloud-based products and services, and she has been at Autodesk, Inc., for 15 years. She started at Autodesk as a product support engineer and then moved onto quality assurance and project management. Her knowledge of the various aspects of software lifecycle has helped her as a program manager to include the views from Autodesk customers while defining and driving the Autodesk 360 cloud-based products and services projects.

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