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Drag, drop, view, review, and interact with IPT, IAM, 3DM, and STP Files

Looking for a way to open a design file, but the internet is coming up short? We’ve outlined how to open, view, review, and interact with the following file types; all you have to do is drag and drop your file:

  • IPT / IAM – Inventor Part File / Inventor Assembly File
  • 3DM – Rhino 3D Models
  • STP/STEP – Standard for the Exchange of Product model data

(tl;dr? Go here and drop in your file. Watch magic happen.)



IPT, or Inventor Part files, are a single body part of an assembly. A part model is a collection of features. IAM, or Inventor Assembly files, are components that act as a single functional unit in an assembly document.

The A360 Viewer enables users to upload IPT files and assemblies. Make sure your parts are properly referenced and to select a parent file when uploading.

Once you upload an IPT or IAM to the A360 Viewer, you’ll be able to navigate your Inventor file, as well as highlight and isolate components, as shown below. You can also take beautiful screenshots of your model to share with clients, and change viewing settings like lighting, background, and navigation.

IPT File Features


Explode the model, share a public link to the model, change the focal length, and more.


3DM File

Rhino is free-form modeling software that is used to create 3D models. When uploaded into the A360 Viewer, users can interact with each component of the whole, explode the model, measure distances, start live review sessions, and more.


STP/STEP files, which stands for the “Standard for the Exchange of Product model data,” are 3D files created in order to share CAD files between users, most commonly between users of different CAD software programs. STP/STEP files are some of the most frequently shared files, and A360 allows for easy file sharing and collaboration between them.

Start right now

The A360 Viewer enables users to upload 50+ file types to view and interact with the, instantly. Try it out right now; upload your first file to the viewer.

Want to learn more about viewing and sharing drawing and models in the A360 Viewer? Join us in the forums.

Elizabeth Katzki

Elizabeth Katzki is a Marketing Specialist for A360.

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