A360 Drive Webinar with A360 Product Manager

What we learned spending an hour with an A360 Product Manager

As of April 22nd, all Drive users have gained access to the full functionality of A360. We held a webinar for all A360 Drive users this past Tuesday, and over 100 attendees joined the webinar. Lior Gerling, Sr. Product Manager of A360, went over the many new features and collaboration capabilities that are now available to A360 Drive users.

A360 + A360 Drive

During the webinar, Lior highlighted the many benefits of A360 for Drive users, including:

  • Data-centric design with new look-and-feel (We call this the designer/engineer “cockpit”.)
  • Better and faster viewer that supports more file types
  • Consolidated applications to reduce confusion
  • Robust platform allows faster development and releases
  • More A360 collaboration features

There are many new features and benefits for A360 Drive users to use and explore. Watch the full webinar recording to learn about all of them:

Project View

The project view is the heart of A360 where you can see your whole project, all your files, comments, versions, and related data. From here, you can access everything from the file viewer to wiki pages.

If you take anything away from this session, take this: Data-centric design means using the project view to access just about any feature.

Q & A Session

Webinar attendees asked some great questions that we couldn’t capture in the recording. Read on for the highlights:

Can you explain the basics of when to use A360 Drive for file storage/sharing versus the native A360 file storage. What is best practice?

Are you using any of the Desktop products like AutoCAD? Then, A360 Drive works through the Desktop Sync component. If you are not using the sync component, then A360 Team is a better option as it’s team based.

Does the ‘Invite People’ option bring a person into your A360 Drive folder?

Yes, if you are sharing a folder then you are inviting them to your Drive site. If they invite you, then you are on their Drive site.

What’s the process for uploading an assembly with multiple sub-assemblies?

This is the same process as a regular Assembly :

  • Make sure all the parts are in the same folder.
  • Ensure the parent file properly references those files.
  • Upload via the assembly option.

Will there be folder permissions for large projects?

Folder level permissions in progress and we are working on adding a “Viewer” role, and are looking into folder level granular permissions.

I get a message that says I have exceeded the amount of projects that I can create, but I only have one project.

It sounds like you are using the A360 free single project account. Look into A360 Team which will enable unlimited projects and cost $10.00 per team member and gives you 10GB of space per member. The space is pooled, so it’s available for everyone on your team.

The Old A360 Drive has Subscription Benefits (a list of links to Autodesk tools and software you to which you subscribe). Will the new A360 Drive have these as well?

Though this is no longer listed within A360 Drive, you can find this at manage.autodesk.com.

What’s next?

Lior hinted at some upcoming integrations, so keep an eye on the blog to get the latest news. He also shared some information about the features that are already in progress:

  • The ability to print sheets or PDFs directly from A360
  • View A360 Renderings
  • View and create A360 Renderings from within A360 Drive
  • New experience for ReCap files in A360 Drive

When you talk, we listen. We want A360 to work for you the way you work, let us know what you want to see, and you might just see it in an upcoming release.

Email askA360@autodesk.com with more questions, or join us in the forums.

Alison Geering-Kline

Alison Geering-Kline is a Marketing Manager for A360. Outside the office, Alison loves traveling, working on design projects, and seeing live music.

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