Dropbox meets A360

Dropbox meets A360 Mobile in our latest update

Every time we release an update to A360 Mobile, we try to find a balance between improving the app’s performance and adding new features to make your life a bit easier.

You already know that in A360, you can view over 100 file formats including: DWG, RVT, DWF, DWFX, STL, STP, STEP, IGE, IGES, OBJ and SAT. You can then add comments to your designs or markup and share them with your colleagues or clients.

Our latest update to the app introduces new ways to upload files and to comment on 2D designs.

Open files from Dropbox

Your designs should always be available to you, no matter where you store them – whether you sent them by mail, or saved them in a storage service like Dropbox.

With this latest update, we’ve added the ability to open files stored in Dropbox directly from A360!

To do this, just select the “Cloud Storage” option from the side menu and choose the service you want to upload your files from.

(iOS users- you can simply tap the + icon and select “Upload from Dropbox”)
Open files from Dropbox

Open files from Dropbox

Design Comments

We’re sure you’ve already seen this feature and have gotten a chance to use it.

Commenting directly on your design will help you keep track of changes that need to be made, or to communicate with other people on your team.

This has been around for 3D files for quite a while, and in our latest update we added the ability to comment on 2D drawings as well!

We will keep adding more features to our comments so communicating about your designs will be even easier.

 Design Comments

Design Comments

New! 新! Nouveau!

We care about our users all over the world, so we now support 13 different languages:

Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

New on Autodesk A360
There’s much more for you to see in A360! Update the app today and let us know what you think, we listen to your feedback and want to help you get your job done

A360 is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Michelle Handelman

Michelle Handelman is a Product Marketer for A360. In her free time she enjoys running long distances, listening to live music and exploring new places.

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