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Eliminate downloads and plugins from the file sharing equation

Viewing  most file types has historically required specific software or plugins. If you wanted to view an office file, you needed to have Microsoft Office. A model created in Revit would have needed to be opened in Revit. Now, that is no longer the case.

A360 enables users to view, review, share, and comment on files that, previously, required downloading (or purchasing) new software or installing plugins. A360 Team supports over one-hundred file types without the need to download or install anything. All of these files can be viewed right in your browser, on virtually any device.

There are two ways you can view and share files without downloads or plugins:

  1. A360 Viewer
  2. A360 Team

A360 Viewer

The A360 Viewer is a free tool for users who simply need to view and share files. Though the A360 Viewer does not provide all of the collaboration functionality of of A360 Team, if you simply want to view a design file, you can accomplish that with the free viewer.

A360 Team

A360 Team enables users to download and view 100+ file types in addition to providing project collaboration functionality, version control, commenting, markup, and more. We believe that if users on a team have the software to create a file, users who don’t use that software shouldn’t need to download it to view the file.

Though there are many overlaps between the A360 Viewer and A360 Team, you can view more file types using A360 Team, such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and media files. To view a complete list of file types, visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Share your files by sending a link, or embed it into into an HTML page or email. The entire process only requires a browser.

A360 Team enables you to view office, design, and media files instantly, right in your browser.

Have questions about viewing and sharing previously inaccessible file types with A360? Join us in the forums.

Colin Piper

Colin Piper is a Senior Marketing Manager for Project Delivery and ReCap.

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