Embed a Project Model

Embed an interactive project model to improve marketing efforts

You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s time to show it off. This post is all about how and where embedding a model could be a benefit to business.

Impress Clients

Embed an interactive model on the company blog and web marketing properties to provide clients with a live example of the work. Show your audience that the company focuses on using current technologies to deliver projects more efficiently through collaborative design.

Engage with stakeholders

Feature your client’s current project in a unique way—showcase designs and models  interactively. The novelty of a live model that a user can rotate, zoom in and out of, and inspect will leave a lasting impression. Viewers can even section the model to get a detailed view of how complex models work from the inside out.

Project Portfolio

Some companies have full portfolios in addition to customer stories and sample work. Flat snapshots have become the norm, but they don’t have to be; enable your audience to interact with your work, right inside your portfolio.

Adding embedded models into marketing web properties and company portfolios enables your potential clients to gain a better understanding of the work you do, and the technology you use to create it.

Sharing Success

Distribute the Embed Code

Once you’ve completed a project, sharing an embed code with clients and stakeholders is a great way to show your process. Clients and design partners will also appreciate the ability to showcase final models on their web properties.

To learn how to embed a model on your website, read our earlier tutorial post. Have questions about embedding a model? Join us in the forums.

Already embedded a model and want to show it off? Let us know, and you may be featured on A360 social channels.

Alison Geering-Kline

Alison Geering-Kline is a Marketing Manager for A360. Outside the office, Alison loves traveling, working on design projects, and seeing live music.

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