How to Manage Your Data in A360

How to Manage Your Data in A360

Whether you are new to A360 or have been with us all along, if you are a user of A360 and are also using A360 Drive you might have the following questions:

  • What is the difference between storing files in A360 projects vs. A360 Drive?
  • How do I access my A360 Drive files from A360?
  • Can I copy my files from my A360 Drive to A360?
  • What is the recommendation for how to use my A360 Drive and A360 projects together?

The difference between storing files in an A360 project and A360 Drive

  • A360 is project based.
    • Allows you to collaborate with your team members that you invite to projects.
    • Project members can collaborate on the files that other A360 project members have uploaded.
  • A360 Drive is folder/file based.
    • Your personal storage area, and is separate from your A360 projects.
    • Allows you to work on files without sharing all your edits with other users.
    • When enabled on your desktop, these files are available offline, and editable directly on your desktop.
    • A360 Drive can sync* files between your local desktop and A360 Drive, making these files available offline.
    • Also available within AutoCAD 360.
    •  *Available with AutoCAD, AutoCAD based verticals, Inventor, and Showcase (or Suites containing these products).

Accessing A360 Drive files from A360:

  • Log in to A360 (
  • Select “Data”.
  • You will see links to Project Data and A360 Drive.
  • Click on either link to show the files contained in each location.
Instructions on how to access A360 Drive files from A360

Instructions on how to access A360 Drive files from A360

Copying files from A360 Drive to an A360 project:

  • If A360 Drive is enabled on your desktop you can continue to sync your local files to your A360 Drive.
  • When you are ready to share with your team, you can then copy them over to your A360 projects.
Instructions on how to copy files from A360 Drive to an A360 project

Instructions on how to copy files from A360 Drive to an A360 project

Our recommendation for how to manage your data in A360

  • Use A360 Drive to store the files that you’re working on that are not yet ready to be shared with others.
  • When ready to share your A360 Drive data, copy it over to A360 into a project and invite your team members into that A360 project.
Manage your data in A360

Manage your data in A360

4 replies
  1. kevin spear
    kevin spear says:

    I just came across this page. Very informative! I have a few questions. What happens to the versions when copied from drive to team? What happens to the TEAM version when i need to modify it by copying back to DRIVE only to copy it back to TEAM when im done?
    Why can’t a360 desktop have a separate TEAM partition where files can be edited without this manual copy process? How do i set a particular version as the RTM or FINAL version?

      • Brett Wright
        Brett Wright says:

        Hi Kevin, we think there is an issue with versioning in Drive currently.

        The intended behavior is that the when you copy your file over into Team from Drive, only the last version is what then becomes your new v1 in the Team Project. (this is not what is happening currently from what i can tell, so we’re all over this right now to diagnose and fix properly)

        Copying from Team back into Drive is only done manually, and when you do that if you manually download, then re-upload back into your Drive folder with the same name it’ll likely create another version in Drive, but in order to update your Team Project you’ll have to do another “copy to team” from Drive.

        Regarding your question on the A360 Desktop Sync to Team vs. Drive or both, that isn’t currently in the roadmap, however, you’re more than welcome to post it in the Ideastation linked below so that a broader conversation can be held re: other peoples interest in that.

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