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How to Use A360 for Team Communication

We Tried It and It Fits.

Email? Gchat? Sharepoint? Skype? Some new iPhone app? How do you go from communi-can’t to communicate? Let’s face it, we’re drowning under tons of workspace collaboration and productivity tools out there to choose from.

We all have our personal favorites when it comes to communication styles and no two are alike. But no two teams are alike either – even within the same company. Take a look at us here in Autodesk: We’re 7,500 employees worldwide in 50+ locations, working together on hundreds of projects in design & engineering. Do the math on how many internal groups and teams that adds up to! How do we keep it together and communicate within teams?

Believe it or not, we use A360.

A360 employees love A360!

A360 employees love A360!

If you want to amplify something, A360 it!

“One master project for everything is our secret sauce,” says Dina Gibbons, Senior Manager Strategic Communications. Created nearly 2 years ago, the project serves as a central portal for nearly 2000+ employees and is the largest project within the company.

How did they get there? “Whenever you want to amplify something or share it with others, we just tell people to A360 it! We had our entire team trained to use A360 so we could learn to use the right features for the right thing.”

Dina’s tip: A great way of using the wiki is documenting customer testimonials for sales and marketing. Take advantage of data folders in A360 to store and organize information – that way anyone who’s new to the project group can easily find data.

A360 calendar

A360 calendar

Working in sprints? Try the calendar feature

Brenna Comacchio, SEO Strategist, has many communication and project management tools in her toolkit, and she frequently picks A360 to communicate sprint deadlines. “You can add a whole sprint timeline to your project calendar; see when deliverables are due and who it’s assigned to. For example, if I’m on vacation, I just update the calendar. The latest and greatest is always updated there – any delays on the project is  visible to everyone on the team. No emails necessary.”

Her favorite feature? “Sometimes when working with different people in the organization and across teams, you need a little privacy. I love setting up secret groups when working closely with someone on a project – we can add all our documents, upload the latest version and everything is  ready to go when needed. It’s great to have private conversations.”

Store all your important documents in A360

Store all your important documents in A360

Brenna’s tip: Store important documents on the A360 project. It’s a good way to get everyone using A360.  Let’s say you upload your deliverables to a folder in a project, now everyone knows where to find it, eliminating the need for a hundred emails within the team.

Consolidate information in a single place

With an internal newsletter that gets sent to employees every month, Sarah Percell, Communications Specialist, uses A360 to keep everyone on her immediate team as well as in her department, aware of updates and developments. “Moving to A360 helps consolidate important information in a single place. We have over 200 members in our project. Although there’s not a ton of interaction, members frequently check the group for news and updates. It took a while to learn how to use A360 to format and share data, but I’m good now. I often use the wiki feature to post news articles.”

What’s next? Sarah’s creating an Employee Classifieds project, so that employees can go in, post their ad and buy or sell anything from right within the A360 group.

What has your experience been using communication tools? Let us know in the comments.

Alison Geering-Kline

Alison Geering-Kline is a Marketing Manager for A360. Outside the office, Alison loves traveling, working on design projects, and seeing live music.

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