A360 Team Becomes BIM 360 Team and Fusion Team

Important news regarding A360 Team

You’ve been a stellar user of A360 Team over the past year. That’s why we want to be straight with you about some upcoming changes to the product.

We have been listening.

While many of you want us to evolve the product to better suit the needs of product design and manufacturing, others want us to do a better job supporting BIM-based workflows for the AEC industry. Sure, some needs are common but the more we’ve listened, the more we’ve felt that we’re trying too hard to make a one-size-fits-all approach.

It’s time for us to tailor A360 Team for the two different audiences that are using it.

What’s next for A360 Team users?

In the coming months, we will be evolving A360 Team into an AEC-specific collaboration product and a product design and manufacturing collaboration focused product. As part of this change, we’re going to also re-brand the offering: the AEC one will be called “BIM 360 Team” and the product design/manufacturing one will be called “Fusion Team”. (Our brilliant executives decided to retain the Team and not the A360 part of the brand).

At first, the only change will be to the look and feel, but over time this change will allow us to tailor the products to the needs of your specific industry. It will also allow us to better connect A360 Team with the rest of Autodesk’s industry cloud products (for AEC and Product Design), so that you can have access to key files and information from any product, in any phase of your project.

Most importantly, you are not going to have to interrupt your projects or end up losing data as part of these changes. This is our commitment to you – we will going to make the evolution of your A360-now-Fusion-or-BIM-360 experience simple and digestible.

A360 has been rapidly evolving and we recognize change can come with questions and concerns. We’re here for you — come talk to us in the forums or submit a question in the comments!

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  1. Jeanie Wayker
    Jeanie Wayker says:

    Hello, Can you provide a better image of the 2 monitors with the branding? One that I can be zoomed into? The images posted are blurry and it is hard to tell what they are images of.
    Thank you.


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