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In the Lab: What’s Coming Up in the New A360 Viewer

A360 brings design collaboration to anyone who has a browser. A big part of that is the new browser-based viewer which allows users to view 2D and 3D models from over 50 CAD formats, with no signups or plugins needed – just drag & drop! Check it out at http://360.autodesk.com/viewer and make sure you’re using Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE 11.

A360 Viewer - Drop and view files

Drop and view files


A360 Viewer - Over 100 different file types supported

Over 100 different file types supported


Today, I thought I would share with you some features we are working on “in the Lab” as we continually work to improve how you can view and collaborate on your designs. By now I am sure that you’ve had a chance to upload a 3D model or 2D drawing into A360 and have experienced our browser based model viewer – it loads 2D and 3D models with surprising speed and visual quality. While impressive, there is a lot more coming. Some of the features I will talk about we are currently testing, while others are still in the lab getting some final touches in place.

Live Review

One of the great new collaboration features we are testing out at 360.autodesk.com/viewer is a new feature called Live Review. It lets you send a simple web link to anyone and start a review session with your 3D model or 2D design. Anyone who joins the shared session can interact with the same model – one person in the meeting controls the model navigation and what is visible while everyone else sees those interactions. Very cool! Check out the below video to see what it looks like.                                                  

Peeking Inside

When viewing complex 3D models, you often want to take a peek inside to complete your review of a design. “In the lab” we have a new section tool we are working on that will let you do just that. It will let you cut a section through the model and easily position it just right. Check out the screen shot below of a sectioned shaver.

A360 Viewer

Viewing complex 3D models

Let me know what you think in the comments, and share what you would like to see to see in our web viewer to help you collaborate!

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