A360 Update

Check Out What’s New in the Latest A360 Update

On Saturday, October 25th the A360 team released an update to the software.  Check out the summary below for the latest enhancements and let us know what you think!

Download Multiple Files

You can now select a data folder or multi select files to download everything at once packaged up nicely in a ZIP file.

Download multiple files in A360

Download multiple files in A360

 Folder Enhancements

  • Users now have the ability to copy and move a folder from one project to another in the same HUB.
  • Users can Create a Folder within the Select Folder UI.
  • Project Guests have the ability to create a Folder in any group they are a member of.

Uploading Multiple Files

  • When uploading more than 5 files, the thumbnails/previews will appear with the conversion status info and the more info link.
  • File extensions along with file names are now shown for uploaded design data.
Upload multiple files

Upload multiple files

  • Clicking on the thumbnail now launches the viewer instead of opening permalink.
  • Title and the user defined descriptions are now displayed when multiple files are uploaded.
  • Plupload supports parallel uploads so that multiple file uploads are faster.
  • An error message will pop up in the bottom of the page when an upload fails in the Upload Progress (small progress bar UI).

Other Enhancements & Improvements

  • Hot Key Support
    • Ctrl A – Select All
    • Del – Delete
    • Ctrl C – Copy
  • Ability to view all the sheets of DWG when shared as a public link.
  • On the Wiki functionality, the performance of the Page tools has improved.
Ability to view all the sheets of DWG when shared as a public link.

Ability to view all the sheets of DWG when shared as a public link.

A360 Mobile App Enhancements

  • When accessing links to people, data, and projects, you will now be directed to the correct location within the app.
  • Implemented open in app, install app, and continue to web in iOS landing page.

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements and look forward to hearing what else you would like to see!

Lisa Darrah

Lisa Darrah is a senior program manager for Autodesk 360 cloud-based products and services, and she has been at Autodesk, Inc., for 15 years. She started at Autodesk as a product support engineer and then moved onto quality assurance and project management. Her knowledge of the various aspects of software lifecycle has helped her as a program manager to include the views from Autodesk customers while defining and driving the Autodesk 360 cloud-based products and services projects.

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