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New A360 Commenting Experience: Deep-Dive

Until now in A360, each comment made on a design was generally applied to the entire design. It was up to the person leaving the comment to describe and explain specifically what point or object within the design that he or she is commenting on.

Last week, we were excited to introduce the new commenting experience in our “Commenting on the Latest Release for A360″ blog post. You now have the opportunity to set the view to show exactly what you want to discuss, and then to add a comment to a point or object in a design, clearly identifying and locating the comment’s intent. When the comment is posted, those view settings are stored with that comment. This reduces the need for additional text description, while enhancing the accuracy of the comment.

This video demonstrates these new methods for commenting on a design file. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Chris Blocher

Chris Blocher was the Principal Learning Content Developer for A360 products. Off work, he focuses on family and all kinds of geeky things.

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2 replies
  1. Miroslaw Bogusz
    Miroslaw Bogusz says:

    Is it possible to commenting during the Live Review? I don’t see that feature? Next question is: Where do I change a speed of movement through the project?

    • Rahul Bhandarkar
      Rahul Bhandarkar says:

      Hi Miroslaw,
      Currently you exchange messages with Live Review participants but there is now way to add comments to the design. However, this is a feature that we plan to add in the future.
      Question – Can you describe your use case for commenting within live review a bit more ? Is this when you are reviewing something with stakeholders who are not in your project ? If you could also describe a bit more about how you use Live Review today that would be great.

      I did not understand your second question about ‘change the speed of movement through a project’- Can you elaborate ?



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