New A360

New A360: Where is my stuff?

If you’re reading this post, then you may have already previewed the new A360 experience. We built an even better A360, designed to improve your daily workflow and increase your productivity.

There’s no need to panic, you still have full access to all of the content that you created with A360. To make things easier, we have given you some helpful tips to navigating through the new site. If you have specific questions post a comment or, better yet send us a message by clicking on the megaphone icon on the bottom right of the A360 screen.

Where is my A360 drive data?

To enable A360 drive, follow these steps:

Navigate to Settings – Enable “Show A360 Drive” and click Save.

A360 Drive will appear as an option in the App Switcher on the header, choose A360 Drive to switch.

Where is my A360 drive data ?

Navigate to Settings – Enable “Show A360 Drive” and click Save.



Navigate to Settings – Enable “Show A360 Drive” and click Save.

Navigate to Settings – Enable “Show A360 Drive” and click Save.



Where are Wiki pages located ?

In the old A360 UI, the Wiki appeared on the left navigation as shown below:

In the old A360 UI Wiki appeared in the Left Nav as shown below

Wiki appeared on the left navigation

New A360 – Appears as a folder called ‘Pages’ under each project

New A360 – Appears as a folder called ‘Pages’ under each project

Appears as a folder called ‘Pages’

Deactivating/Archiving a project

Deactivate has been renamed to Archive, it performs the exact same function, i.e. when you Archive a project that project becomes read-only and a user cannot create any more content in that project. If a user wants to restore an Archived project they can navigate to the Archived tab and choose the “Restore” option. This is the same as the Activate action in the old A360 UI.

Old A360

New A360 - Deactivating/Archiving a project

New A360

New A360 - Deactivating/Archiving a project

Item Overview screen presents all the information about your design in one centralized location.

Version dropdown – Allows you to switch to a different version & Promote a specific version to the tip.

Design References – Allows you to explore relationships between assemblies and parts, currently this is only enabled for Fusion designs, we are working to enable this for all other CAD design files.

Related Data – Displays the various viewables in your design (e.g. Renderings, CAM, Animations, Simulations for Fusion designs).


New A360 - Item Overview screen presents all the information about your design in one centralized location.


Clicking on View opens up an “immersive” view of the design which allows a user to interact with a 3D model, pan & zoom, explode, section etc. In addition, it shows you all the viewables inside your model in the left navigation panel.

New A360 - Clicking on View opens up an "immersive" view of the design

Where is the Admin page ? How do I switch between hubs ?

New A360 - Where is the Admin page ? How do I switch between hubs ?

Where are all the people in my project?

New A360 - Where are all the people in my project?


Finally, if you must switch back to the old UI to access a feature we have not yet implemented or just to compare this is how you can do it:

New A360 - switching back to old version



Rahul Bhandarkar

Rahul Bhandarkar is a Senior Product Manager for the Autodesk A360 product focussed on the A360 Web experience. He has almost 20 years of experience in building and managing software products and teams. With A360, he is passionate about providing a world-class design & collaboration experience that will delight customers. Rahul joined Autodesk in June, 2015 and is based out of the Hyderabad, India office.

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33 replies
  1. Benno Toorn
    Benno Toorn says:

    Hello A360 Team,

    I really like the new update. Much cleaner and more organized. Only I’ve noticed that some things are missing:
    – Can’t comment on point or object in the viewer anymore,
    – Can’t share models by embeded link,
    – When I open a wiki/ page, it jumps directly in edit mode.
    Will these things return? The first two could be deal breakers for some of our clients. They’re also not listed in the new FAQ.
    Also, is the collaboration/integration with Vault off the table?

    • Rahul Bhandarkar
      Rahul Bhandarkar says:

      Hi Benno,
      Point and Object comments and Embed links are on our roadmap and will be enabled in the product soon. We plan to enhance Wiki functionality as well to make the view to edit mode transition smoother. Collaboration/Integration with Vault is not on the roadmap for this year.

    • Elizabeth Katzki
      Elizabeth Katzki says:

      No, but you can create a public share. When the file is open, you will see a share icon. Click on that and get the link for the share.

  2. Victoria Molina
    Victoria Molina says:

    How do I get email notifications on activities of certain folders?
    for some folders I could but I can’t remember how I set it up.

  3. daniel young
    daniel young says:

    Where is my stuff? when i asked that question, Dan Faba (Autodesk Support) told me that educational support is not their service. So, to be very descriptive of the performance issues we are having with managing the A360 models let me first explain the reason i am posting my question here. The reason i am posting here is because I have not been able to locate any documentation, guide, go-by or blog that addresses our issues which is why i went to our re-seller with them, he escalated it to Autodesk and Autodesk responded as if it was not their problem. The main performance issue we see is that there are different models and model names we see through Revit, through Managing A360 Models, and on the website itself. I would think Autodesk would be willing to support performance issues with their applications and did at all not expect the response Faba gave. If anyone could explain why we see different models and model names in each location that would be very much appreciative. I sent several examples of these performance issues to our re-seller for review. I don’t see how this is an educational request. I am identifying a performance issue with the three platforms, i would think they would be synced but they are obviously not. So how do we manage models that we don’t see? How do we manage models that exist as cloud models on the website but are not seen in the Manage A360 Models dialog box? How do we manage cloud models seen on the website but not seen through Revit open project dialog box? These are performance issues, i am not requesting education. i am requesting you look a little closer at how this happened so we (and others) can avoid these performance issues with these Autodesk applications. So, please, let me know where is my stuff?
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Brett Wright
      Brett Wright says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Sorry for the run-around that you’re having here. I’ll do my best to assist and point you in the right direction.

      1. I’m wondering if you’re using Collaboration for Revit, here or no?. I’m not a Revit expert, however, that team can be reached by posting directly on the “Revit Collaboration” Forum linked below. I would submit this for you, but in the Forums, the posts have to come from you the submitter otherwise the reply link is broken and all responses would come back to me vs. you. (sorry)

      2. Even if you’re not using C4R, this team is familiar with Revit and should be able to assist you with your question re: the delta’s that you see as well in n performance. (i’ll also cc this blog post to the team that monitors the C4R Forum so that they know your question is coming)

      3. When you post your question, be specific like you were above, and provide public links (downloadable) and/or screenshots to the models if they’re in an A360 Project so our team can test them as well from their end. (if you’re allowed to share them)

      4. You might have already seen the below content link, but if not, i wanted to share it with you just in case it provides any clue for the situation you’re seeing from your end.

      If you have further questions , feel free to submit them to us through the A360 Forum linked below, or the email alias where either myself or my colleague will continue to assist you in getting this resolved.

  4. Rahul Bhandarkar
    Rahul Bhandarkar says:

    Hi Marc,
    Yes the dashboard feature is no longer available in the new UI. There are no plans to add a dashboard in the short term but if we receive significant amount of customer feedback requesting it then we will consider adding it back.


  5. Bud Schroeder
    Bud Schroeder says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for posting your question to the BLOG. Right now this is not possible A360, but we are looking into this for the future. You can vote for this in our Idea’s board in the forums. Here is a link to an existing idea.

    A360 Idea’s board – Delete a Project:

    Autodesk A360 Forums:

    Thanks again for posting your question and hope this helps.

    Bud Schroeder
    Autodesk Inc.

  6. David Stumpe
    David Stumpe says:

    Hi A360 Team,

    first of all I want to say good job. The new Designs look & feel is a lot better.

    Now to a quick question.
    As it is mentioned in the “Where is my stuff” post here, there should be an A360 Drive integration, if activated in settings, which should be on top of the project list, correct?
    I activated the feature in settings, but nothing is shown to me.
    Therefore I was trying to work a way around to combine A360 with my Drive, for mainly get the comments & markups made with A360s new viewer to be shown in the afterwards downloaded .dwgs Design-Feed in AutoCAD 2016. But that doesn’t seem to work.

    Also I tried the A360 Drive Viewer to get pointed markups in the .dwg, but in the viewer I don’t have any markup tool.
    I can place a comment, but not pointed to any specific place.

    Is this as it should be?


    • Rahul Bhandarkar
      Rahul Bhandarkar says:

      Hi David,
      When you turn Drive on from Settings, you should see a drop-down on the header that lets you switch between A360 projects to A360 Drive. I will update that section of the blog post with the relevant screenshot and then it should be clear.



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  2. […] We won’t get into the details, but you get a lot more with the new A360 experience. We’ve written a whole blog post on it so you can learn all about it. […]

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