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New on A360 Android: Get Notified When files Are Ready

We’re excited to announce some new A360 Android features implemented by popular requests from our users, you made it happen! Our team is always looking for ways to better improve our application, and the feedback we receive from you helps us to do this. In our latest update, your wishes have come a reality.

 So what’s new?

Request granted by popular demand to create new folders.

You can now create folders directly from your iPhone or iPad. This feature was previously only available for iOS and web.

 To create a new folder:

  • Go into any project folder
  • Tap on the “+” button on the lower right-hand corner
  • Tap “create folder” from the dropdown
  • Enter your folder name to create a new folder
A360 Android - Create new folders in A360

Create new folders in A360

We added an option to be notified when your file is ready for viewing.

Never be in the dark again, you will now receive a push notification from us once your file is ready for viewing.

A360 Android - Get notified when your files are ready

Get notified when your files are ready

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Michelle Handelman

Michelle Handelman is a Product Marketer for A360. In her free time she enjoys running long distances, listening to live music and exploring new places.

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