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Oct 9 Web Release Updates


It has been two weeks since we invited you to try out the new A360 experience. Thank you for trying it out and providing valuable feedback. Today, we released an update that includes improvements and bug fixes based on all the feedback that we received from you.

I would like the Search results to display the project that the item is a part of

Release Updates - search

I would like to understand how the new UI is organized, where are Wikis? How do I upload files? Etc..

We have a new on boarding walkthrough along with coach marks that indicate where the some of the important features are located on each page and how the UI is organized. You can re-enable walk-through at any time by clicking on the “Show Walkthrough” under the Help menu.

Release Updates - onboarding walkthrough

Release Updates - onboarding walkthrough for a360 web

I would like to have access to Help content or ask questions about the product

The Help Menu now has useful links to the A360 Blog, A360 Forum and Support Center where you browse specific topics or post a question to the community.

Release Updates - Help Menu

Added a Home to the Item view page for easier navigation

Release Updates - Home Navigation

Other issues that you reported that we have fixed in this release:

  •       When editing project name it’s always in CAPS.
  •       Comments not appearing on wiki pages
  •       Stability issues with Live Review in Team hubs
  •       Some string localization issues that were reported by customers, thanks for catching these please keep the feedback coming (We support A360 in 13 languages !)
  •       Display the project type (Open, Closed, Secret)

Finally, we received a lot of feedback about the lack of support for attaching a Comment to a point or an object in a design (which is available today in the old version) so we prioritized that feature and are working hard to enable it for the next release coming soon, stay tuned !

Again, thanks for all the feedback, keep it coming and help us make A360 a great product.

Rahul Bhandarkar

Rahul Bhandarkar is a Senior Product Manager for the Autodesk A360 product focussed on the A360 Web experience. He has almost 20 years of experience in building and managing software products and teams. With A360, he is passionate about providing a world-class design & collaboration experience that will delight customers. Rahul joined Autodesk in June, 2015 and is based out of the Hyderabad, India office.

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