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People working in an architecture office.

Collaborative Design vs. Concurrent Design

Collaborative and concurrent design are related approaches to building and product design, but have very distinct roles in the process. The most prominent difference between the two methods of design delivery is that collaboration entails working together on a project, while concurrent means working on the same design, at the same time, allowing multiple users […]

80% Off A360 Team Promo Code

80% Off Deal Extended to Europe

You can still get A360 Team subscriptions for 80% off. We’re extending the A360 Team Prime Day deal to Europe through our Autodesk E-Store through end of week! As you may have seen, yesterday’s A360 Team Amazon Prime Deal was not available outside of the United States. However, we still want to share the savings […]

A360 Amazon Prime Day

A360 Amazon Prime Day Deal

This year, Amazon Prime Day falls on July 12th, and Autodesk is offering an unprecedented discount on A360 Team subscription plans. Details Date: Prime Day | July 12th 2016 Discount: We can’t release the details yet— sign up below to get first access Who: Anyone with an Amazon Prime account What: Discounted Autodesk A360 subscription […]