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Stakeholder Engagement

3 Ways to build stakeholder engagement

Apathy is the enemy. Getting things done is wholly predicated on stakeholder engagement. Increasing project engagement is a challenge across all industries, particularly verticals that are highly specialized, which make project data difficult to share across multiple teams. However, with a few key tools and better communication, you can build stronger stakeholder engagement, align project […]


Can you do this with A360 Rendering?

Want to get seriously inspired about high-resolution cloud rendering? Watch the best of the best of what hundreds of thousands of Autodesk A360 Rendering users created last year. Photorealistic rendering of everything from handheld vacuum cleaners and pianos to entire homes and landscapes. Create stunning Revit, Fusion 360, 3ds Max, or AutoCAD renderings to experience […]

Design Process

Keep track of the design process

Building and product designers know first-hand that it takes multiple versions of the same design, multiple iterations on those versions based on stakeholder feedback, and final changes leading to owner approval. Furthermore, each of these design versions may contain a number of comments, markups, and redlines.This entire process can be long, disjointed, and complicated, leaving […]


Idea to Object: Collaboration for Product Design and Manufacturing

Product design and manufacturing are entering a new era of connection, and software is not only keeping up, but leading the way. Design of any kind is a highly collaborative process. Autodesk provides a myriad of product design and manufacturing offerings, from Inventor to Fusion 360, all enabling aspects of product manufacturing, design, testing, simulation, […]

A360 Mobile Update

Mobile Update: ViewCube Navigation and Object Hyperlinks

Today, both the iOS and Android A360 mobile apps received a much-requested feature: ViewCube Navigation. ViewCube navigation enables app users to rotate their app to preselected views—front, back, left, right, top, and bottom—by simply clicking faces on a cube. The ViewCube navigation tool saves users time by allowing them to quickly change views in a […]

Search and Find Data Quickly in A360

A360 Feature: Find Data Quickly

Finding project data can be difficult, whether looking for a specific model or component, or a layer within a model. Search capability, both within your hub, project folder, and within files themselves, eliminates the need to scour your data for the right piece of information. Stop searching and start doing. There’s no reason to waste […]