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Sharing a 2D or 3D file is now as simple as clicking a button. Really.

A360 Feature: Share Files Easily

File sharing is a challenge that most companies face. Emailing large design files can clog up IT infrastructure, sharing from network drives is limited to internal use only, and transferring of files remotely can lead to version control issues with designers working off of multiple versions of the same file. Architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing […]

A360 Release

A360 Release: New Application Switcher and Hub to Hub Project Transferring

For the past few weeks, the team has been working on making A360 even more intuitive. This release includes a couple great ways to work more intuitively: an application switcher and the ability to transfer projects between hubs. Application Switcher Prior to this release, A360 Drive was represented as a folder in the project list: […]

Organize Data

A360 Feature: Organize Data

Design projects can be complicated. With multiple files, many versions of drawings and models, and comments and markups that are difficult to keep track of, organization can be a challenge for many projects. For design projects that require organization of both 2D and 3D file types, keeping track of comments on specific views or points […]

A360 Design Metadata

A360 Feature: Design Metadata

Design projects are complicated; keeping track of them doesn’t have to be. It’s not your job to know where every component has been used or to memorize references and data structures for complex assemblies. A360 takes care of the details so you can focus on the big picture. Design metadata in A360 enables you to […]

A360 Hangouts

A360 Hangout | February 18th 2016

During this A360 Hangout, Sr. Product Manager, Rahul Bhandarkar, walked through the basic functionality of A360 and delved into recently added features and enhancements. He also reserved time for a Q&A session after the Hangout, but attendees asked so many great questions that we couldn’t get to all of them. That’s why we’ve rounded up […]

A360 Live Review Feature Image

A360 Feature: Live Review

View, review, comment, and discuss – together Live review is one of—if not the most—talked about A360 features. The ability to view the same 3D CAD model or 2D drawing, as a team, regardless of location, is indispensable for most project teams. A360 enables users to review and manipulate files interactively in real time, all […]

3D Measure A360

A360 Release: Better File Previews, Markup Enhancements, and More

We’ve made some major upgrades to your A360 experience, including many markup enhancements, a redesigned comment feed, and desktop notifications for file upload completion. The most notable improvements for A360 Drive users are upgraded in-browser file preview and publicly shared links that open within an upgraded look and feel. 3D Measurement Enabled for Fusion Designs […]