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The A360 Experience: Web vs. Mobile

A360 was designed specifically for architects, engineers and designers to view, comment and markup 2D & 3D designs. Whether you’re at the office, or doing fieldwork, you can take A360 with you and stay up-to-date with your projects and team. A360 ensures that your CAD project data is protected, backed up, and can be recovered wherever you are.

So how do you decide which way to experience A360 is the right one for you? There’s no right way to use A360. Find out below how some of our users integrate A360 into their workplace.

So, why use mobile?

For many contractors, work doesn’t end once they’ve step foot outside the office, it’s just begun. Whether your job requires spending time in meetings outside the office or on the field, you work travels wherever you do.

For many professionals, we’re still living in the 90’s of carrying our drawings with us to and from each job site. A360 allows you to take you models with you and view them on any device. You can easily send images and ,share markups to other team members while still onsite.

In addition to mobile access, you can also access your data offline when a wireless or provider connection is unavailable. The online and offline workflow allow for teams to always stay-up-to date with recent changes and updates to projects.

Learn more how one of customers, Principal Practice Area Leader-Design,Tony Caputo of Array Architects uses A360 mobile:

“I like the fact that I can take it anywhere on my iPad and have the freedom to think and be creative anywhere, and anytime.” – Tony Caputo, Array Architects

To get started using A360 mobile, sign up here on Google Play or iOS.

So, why use web?

Everyone has been there – working on different softwares and file formats with necessity of needing to collaborate on projects with other members of your team. The burden can be detrimental and make it challenging to share projects, markup and make comments on models.

Having the accessibility to view multiple file types through one platform saves time and increases productivity. Using A360, you can upload your files through our cloud platform from 2D to large 3D models.

With A360 web, you can collaborate on over 50 CAD and other file types without needing additional software. Whether members of your team are a state away, ocean or even a continent, A360 allows you to collaborate in real-time without the hassle. Team members can create Wikis to share important documents or notes within projects, allowing you to keep all your information in one centrally-located hub.

Learn more how one of our customers, Luis Cetrangolo of Tsoi/Kobus and Associates uses A360 web:

“The challenges that inspired us to try A360 was the collaboration in our international projects was the efficiency of having a tool that is accessible and web-based and to the client”. – Luis Cetrangolo, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

To get started using A360 web, signup here.

Michelle Handelman

Michelle Handelman is a Product Marketer for A360. In her free time she enjoys running long distances, listening to live music and exploring new places.

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