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Tutorial: Move a Project from a Personal Hub to an A360 Team Hub

Knowing how to collaborate well is an integral part of working with a team. Moving a project from a personal A360 hub to an A360 Team hub is a simple action you can take to share a project with multiple team members, while also controlling how much access each member gets.

So, before you head back to your A360 dashboard, take a few minutes to learn the ins-and-outs of moving projects from a personal A360 hub to an A360 Team hub.

Roles and permissions

The first step for successful project migration is to make sure you are the owner of the personal hub and the administrator of the A360 Team hub to approve and facilitate the move.

Note what you can and can’t do when moving projects:

You can:

  • Move a project from a personal hub to a team hub
  • Move a project from a team hub to a team hub

You can’t:

  • Move a project from a team hub to a personal hub
  • Move a project from a personal hub to a personal hub

Move your project

Let’s get started:

  • Sign into your A360 personal hub account
  • Click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select settings
  • Click on the transfer projects option

A360 Project Hub

This will bring up a list of the projects in your personal hub. Select the project you want to move and click on the move button. This will bring you to the move project dialog. All of the hubs you belong to are listed in this dialog.

In this example, I will select “AutoCAD”, as that is the name of my A360 Team hub.

A360 Move Project

Here, you will select either team hub or personal hub, depending on where you want to move the project you selected. As soon as you select your hub, the dialog extends, showing the name of the project and its destination hub.

A360 Move Project Expand

We will move the “Ford Focus ST” project into the “AutoCAD” hub.

A360 Move Project Update

After you click move, the dialog box will close. You will see an update under the progress dialog at the upper right side of your A360 hub once the move is complete.

A360 Project Move Update

After the move is complete, go to your A360 Team hub, sign in and view the progress dialog. Notice that the projectFord Focus STmoved to “Autodesk7“. `”Autodesk7” is part of the link to the A360 Team hub. You can click on the “Ford Focus STproject link to go directly to that project.

A360 Link to Project

It’s that simple. There are a few pro tips that can make this process even easier and eliminate or address questions.

Pro Tips

Where does my project go when I move it?

It’s important to note that when you move or copy projects from your personal hub into a team hub, all content in the selected project will transfer into a secret project of the same name in the destination hub, and all members of the project will be invited as project contributors, unless they are already team members of the destination hub.

Who can move projects?

Admins from both hubs need to approve the move. If you are the administrator of both hubs, this is a simple task. If you are moving a project from a personal hub to a team hub, you need to be the administrator in your personal hub and a team member in the team hub in order to enable the option to move.

What gets moved when I move a project?

The entire project, along with all the design and metadata gets moved to the new hub.

Can I move a project while it’s being used?

No one should use the project while it’s being moved. If anyone is accessing the project, those changes may be lost. During this process any changes to data that is being edited offline will not reflect in the destination hub.

Try it and let us know how it goes. Want more information? Join us in the forums.

Bud Schroeder

Bud Schroeder is a Senior Customer Success Engineer for the A360 Team and has been with Autodesk since 1997. Before joining Autodesk, Bud was a CAD Manager/IT Manager for a Power Utility here in Northern California and started using AutoCAD with version 2.6. Before AutoCAD, but used a drafting board and T Square. When not contributing to Blog posts, you can find Bud on the A360 forums answering posts.

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7 replies
  1. Victoria Molina
    Victoria Molina says:

    We just moved one project from a personal hub to a team hub and all files got lost in the way!
    I’m freaking out!
    Can you help us ASAP??????

  2. David Chen
    David Chen says:

    I moved a few projects from my personal hub to a team hub for the trial period, but I found the team hub to provide no tangible benefit to justify the cost. But apparently I cant move the projects back. So what is the point of a trial period if my projects are now stuck here?


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