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Why wiki pages can work for your project

If you’ve ever thought, “where can I find our CAD standards document?” or “where should I put these project notes?” then wiki may be helpful for your project team. Wiki pages are completely flexible rich text editors that you can save to a project and share with project members. You can use the wiki pages feature to create content on a variety of topics related to your project.

When you’re collaborating on a project with multiple teams, stakeholders, and contributors, it can be helpful to have key project-related content readily available, complete with project files and models.

A360 Wiki Page

Ways to Use Wiki Pages

You can use Wiki pages to document standard operating procedures, best practices for your project, guidelines for project workflow and reviews, project timelines and milestones, project meeting minutes, review session notes, CAD standards, training content, and more.  You can use wiki pages in many different ways based on your project needs.

Create a wiki page

To create a Wiki page:

  1. Open the project you want to create a wiki page in.
  2. Click the Wiki Pages folder in the list of contents.A360 Find Wiki Pages
  3. Click New Wiki Page.
  4. Enter a title and the content in the Wiki page.
  5. Click Publish

You will not be able to publish a wiki page if you do not enter a title or content.

Update a wiki page

  1. Open the Wiki Pages folder in the appropriate project.
  2. Open the page you want to edit by clicking it.
  3. Make changes to your Wiki page.
  4. Click Publish.

When you edit a wiki page, changes are autosaved frequently. Once content is autosaved or you publish the page, you cannot go back to the previous version of that page.

Edit and save an existing wiki page

Wiki pages can be created and updated by any project member.

One thing to note: When working on a wiki page, only one user can  save at a time. If another user or users are editing the wiki page at the time you try to publish your page, you’ll see an error message until the other users have finished editing.

If you have questions about using wiki pages for your project, join us in the forums.

Elizabeth Katzki

Elizabeth Katzki is a Marketing Specialist for A360.

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4 replies
    • Elizabeth Katzki
      Elizabeth Katzki says:

      No, currently there is no way to keep it from going into edit mode. It’s a known issue and we’re working on the solution.

  1. Fabian
    Fabian says:

    Is it possible to make the wiki pages public? For example, to document a project that I would like to/plan to make open source?
    Thank you


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